A daily dose of cultural information

Information is abundant in our society today. We no longer have to wait for the daily newspaper to find out what is going on in the world. As a matter of fact, many of our daily “rags” are so localized and dumb down that they no longer provide us with the liberal arts education that we need to stay relevant. So were should be turn?
There are endless amounts of online news sources that subsidize their existence with advertising. Now it is a job to sort through all that is available. I have found one source that consistently does a great job; A website www.flavorpill.com. They have a regionalized websites for major cosmopolitan cities, a daily e-mail subscription newsletter and a blog of endless information. The “Daily Dose” is a great place to start with its two key bits of news from art, film or music emailed to you every day.

Musician "Little Boots"

Musician "Little Boots"

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