Daily Archives: May 30, 2009

Pop Culture: Turn Trends into Transactions

gossip girlThe economic downturn has meant jewelers must buy smarter and better than ever before. At her JCK Las Vegas session, “JCK Style: What’s Hot and Why You Should Care,” Jewelry Information Center spokesperson Helena Krodel will provide much needed insight on how to turn hot trends into transactions for your store.

To prepare to buy right, and for the right trends, Krodel says to consider key fashion influencers, such as:

* Pop Culture: Television shows like Gossip Girl, which follows the lives of privileged young Manhattanites, are gospel to fashionistas.
* Top Influencers: New First Lady Michelle Obama has brought fashion back into the White House, influencing what people wear (and where they buy it).
* The Eco/Green Movement: Consumers with a conscience continue to push for more environmentally-friendly and organic products, including jewelry in an effort to Recycle, Reduce, Reuse!
* Technology and the Internet: Even if you’re not ready to jump on sites like Facebook, you need to be aware of how the latest web technologies are influencing consumers — and enabling both positive and negative information — to travel instantly. As a challenge, check out how to Twitter!
* Fashion Sources: Traditional media like bridal and fashion magazines continue to influence consumers and have been joined by fashion-focused Internet sites like Style.com.

Take The Tip:

* Attend Helena Krodel’s presentation: “JCK Style: What’s Hot and Why You Should Care” at 11:00 a.m., Thursday, May 28.
* Visit www.jic.org for more insight on trends.