Music is the key to atmosphere

Andrew Bird's new album

Andrew Bird's new album

I have engaged in debates with other retail jewelers about whether or not we should play music in our stores. I am firmly on the “play music” side of that discussion. Music is a very important part of my life.

So for the stores that play music, what sort of music should be we play? I believe that it should represent music that would make you target customers feel at ease. So what is that for your store?

My store, in a suburban neighborhood of Cincinnati, is targeting the 20 to 30 something crowd. For me, our store music has to be up to date, but still appropriate for are older customers (and staff). Here is a link to some interesting new music to sample what is “relevant”.

I bought an IPod that connects to our store music system and through that I create playlist of “store music.” You can use this link to go to ITunes and listen to one of my store mixes. This particular one was created to play during parties at our store, so imagine drinking your favorite beverage, looking at beautiful jewelry, interesting art, meeting interesting people and hearing this music:

Let me know what you think by adding a comment below!

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